What is R from Niigata?

We are pleased to see you again.
Niigata Hatsune is being re-issued under the 'R' banner!
For almost 20 years, "Niigata Hatsuba" was a locally-oriented, preservation and tourism magazine that introduced the wonders of Niigata.
Niigata Hatsu" introduced the wonders of Niigata for almost 20 years as a community-based preservation and tourism magazine.
Ten years have now passed since it ceased publication,
The initial letter of the prefix "re", which means "again", "further" or "new",
The magazine will be re-launched in September 2016 as Niigata Hatsudo R, with the initial letter "R" in the logo, which means "again, further, new".

The magazine is a preserved tourist magazine that conveys the deep, rich and beautiful Niigata.

Niigata Hatsu R. The staff have worked hard to create a magazine that is not thrown away and that is worth reading again and again, with each issue focusing on a different theme without advertising.

Dear readers, subscribers and corporate members, booksellers and distributors ....... With the support of many people, we have published 21 issues up to the Spring 2023/21 issue of 'Introductory Sake', but with the Spring 2023/21 issue we have decided to cease publication. We would like to thank everyone who has supported us.

From now on, in order to allow more people to enjoy the articles that have been accumulated as preservations, we will take the opportunity of the renewal of the official website of Niigata Hatsu R to publish articles as they become available, to allow people to subscribe (free or charged) and to sell back issues.

Furthermore, we will also work with the Honma Bunko Niigata Food Library, which we operate, to link the content of the articles, rather than simply as magazine articles, to the regional revitalisation of Niigata and the promotion of tourism.

The name of the magazine 'Niigata Hatsu R' will remain. We will continue to transmit a variety of thoughts and ideas in it. We look forward to your continued support for Niigata Hatsu R.

  September 2023

  Publisher of Niigata Hatsu R.

Neil Corporation

Mariko Takahashi

新潟発R 21号(2023年3月発行)

From and to Niigata R History

First edition Niigata Hatsuba (Publisher/Heibonsha, first issue: Niigata General TV, second issue - NTT Communications) First published 26 April 1986 (1986), 1986 Spring-Summer issue - 1999 Spring issue (total 44 issues).

The first issue was published as "Niigata Daiyuki ‼ Sakiyaka Mood Discovery Journey" (published by Heibonsha and Niigata General Television). It was subsequently published as the quarterly magazine Niigata haha R (published by Heibonsha and issued by NTT Communications), with 44 issues published until the spring 1999 issue.


Second phase, 'Niigata Happening' (published by Koubunsha).

First published 1 May 2001, Spring 2001 - Winter 2006 (20 issues).

The magazine was published by Koubunsha, an affiliate of Baseball Magazine in Urasa, Minamiuonuma, and was revived in a larger format. Twenty issues were published as a quarterly until winter 2006.


Phase 3, 'R from Niigata' (Published/Neil).

Created on 10 September 2016 (Heisei 28) Autumn 2016 - Spring 2023 (all 21 issues)